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We are a bona fide nursery where we grow plants. That means we don’t just pop our plants out of a tray and sell you a liner. Our plants are grown on to a bigger size, many times even to a mature plant!

Humble Hen Farm & Nursery

Height: 19 inches Spread: 55  inches

Common Name: Hosta 





                                 Hosta ‘Miss America’ PP32068 CPBRAF

                                                    SHADOWLAND® Collection

A majestic, variegated large hosta that will capture the hearts of any
gardener who showcases it in their garden. Medium green, heart-shaped
leaves have white centers and light green intermediate streaking between
the center and margin. The contrast between the margin and the center
is dramatic and refined. Near white, tubular flowers have a lavender
pattern in the center of the petals are borne on thick, upright, tall
stems. The flowers were notably the most attractive we’ve seen on a

Info: Our plants are grown in 5.25 x 5.25 x 5.25 inch pots and develop large root systems. These are not a small liner but a plant you can put right into your garden. That means you will get a bigger plant right away compared to a starter plant. We guarantee you will get a true to type healthy plant that you will love for years. If you have any problems or questions we are happy to help. During early spring plants may still be breaking dormancy so they may appear smaller than they will be when they fully leaf out. In Fall or Winter the plants may be dormant which means the may be losing or have completely lost their leaves.

Shipping: We do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska due to cost and import restrictions.  Plants will be removed from their pots and loose soil removed and the rootball placed in a bag. We are an inspected nursery from the VA Dept of AG.

Photos and cultural info courtesy of Walters Gardens, INC.