Quick and Easy Succulent Trough Planter

Easy-Peasy Succulents

For and easy to care for and  great new look think succulents in containers! These hardy plants thrive in the simplest and most unusual of pots and the wide array of distinctive shapes, size and colors provide nearly endless possibilities to allow your creative juices to flow.

Use a quick-draining soil blend

Containers such as the trough Stefanie uses in this video, should be filled with well-drained and not overly rich soil. We utilize a soil mixed with perlite and rice hulls.

How to care for succulents

Once planted, caring for your succulent trough planter is easy. Succulents do require consistent moisture. They enjoy being  in full sun, which also helps bring out the colors in their foliage. Here in the northeast most succulents can even be overwintered indoors right in their containers as long as the soil doesn’t get soggy. In warmer regions they will do well over winter outdoors as long as they’re protected from winds.

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