Japanese Maples available at Humble Hen Farm

Japanese Maples Many people believe that Japanese maples belong only in the shade but that is not entirely true. Some varieties such as variegated or lighter colored japanese maples do require shade. However those varieties with bright red or dark green foliage thrive in the sun and get more colorful and vibrant with the [...]

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Quick and Easy Succulent Trough Planter

Easy-Peasy Succulents For and easy to care for and  great new look think succulents in containers! These hardy plants thrive in the simplest and most unusual of pots and the wide array of distinctive shapes, size and colors provide nearly endless possibilities to allow your creative juices to flow. Use a quick-draining soil blend [...]

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Best Petunia Maintenance Practices

Pruning Petunias Petunias are a popular choice for container planting or in flower beds due to their glorious colors and fast rate of growth. One drawback is that after the first batch of blossoms die the plants start to get leggy and straggly. Do Petunias Need Pruning? The answer to this question is YES. It’s easy [...]

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Simple Carnivorous Planter

Simple Carnivorous Planter Carnivorous plants need the nutrients from their natural growing conditions, like air, water and soil, to live as well as the nutrients from the bugs that they consume. Carnivorous plants grow naturally in swampy areas around the world where the water is constant. We can easily mimic these boggy conditions in [...]

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Create a Whimsical Fairy Garden Planter

Fairy Garden Planter Using some easy to find plants and the planter of your choice you can easily create a magical miniature container garden that will enchant everyone who sees it! It’s easy to arrange plants to create a little forest, a tiny lawn and by adding other miniature accessories you will have a home for [...]

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