Quick and Easy Succulent Trough Planter

Easy-Peasy Succulents For and easy to care for and  great new look think succulents in containers! These hardy plants thrive in the simplest and most unusual of pots and the wide array of distinctive shapes, size and colors provide nearly endless possibilities to allow your creative juices to flow. Use a quick-draining soil blend [...]

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Something smells like buttered popcorn!

Popcorn Cassia Popcorn Cassia is well known for its bright yellow flowers and its scent. When  rubbed, the leaves  give off a scent just like that of freshly buttered popcorn. Popcorn Cassia will grow to  a few feet in height and blooms quite vigorously. It does well in full sun and should be planted [...]

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Spring has arrived?

Spring 2018! Spring 2018 greeted us here in South Central PA with a "snowpocalypse." We are happy to say that has not slowed plant production. Stefanie and Jason tell us about the upcoming season and take viewers on a tour of the greenhouses.

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